Music video/Video Contents/Commercials/Stage 

We Help You bring your story to live

What's your story?

Let’s take a closer look at your message of your song/ project, and make the interesting and meaningful videos/stages.

Music Video / Commercial

Live / Performance

modify depending on your needs.

We take care of your project Head to toe

Directing through on set production until finish

Build your own (Online and call) 

Directing + guidance sheet, help you build your vision,

You do the camera part

We edit to finish

Modify A&B

We are here to create with you

Let your vision seen with your message!


Structure the vision


Breaking down what you need



Features & Benefits


Call /Chat consultanting

We talk about your story/project and create it together head to toe.

Build your own

We send you the step by step sheets (Vision box planning sheets) and you send us back the sheets and videos, and we edit.

Short concept video with choreography – Latch

Short concept video with choreography – I’m good / bounce

Music video “One Last Dance” Yuki Shundo